There was another mind numbing forum online. Apparently there’ are restless folks who debate on whose synthetic music is best. Beyonce the queen of overexposure or the Mary J under-talented overated project. Most actual artists percieve the premise as choosing the best candy. Though sweet it’s not a meal. It can also do damage if over used.

Now for the hard working up and comers, this is for your benefit. Don’t waste your time and money on becoming a clone of something that’s not real in the first place. It’s not the artist as much as it is the listener and producers. If you want quality, demand it. If you put an earring on a sow’s ear it’s still a sow. Use what the universe gave you on your own merit.  Even if you never get signed you will be giving back to the universe on a real level.

 I’m seeing things come full circle. My bearings are fine tuning I believe. To see those in my life that are indeed very strong influences that never ever let me down are now sick and aging. Doing the things they have compared to simply playing music is never a solid comparison. I’m gifted but not like the magazines write about in their superficial manner. I’m gifted to have been a thought in their hearts. I see how they showed me compassion. So music being my recent canvas I can say that I only play because of those who have come full circle.