I get many requests for feedback on other artists’ music. Usually it means kudos in lieu of objectivity. I’m amazed that the simplicity of the music direction gets skewered by dellusions of reinventing the wheel. Why sing something like you heard on the radio? or on those mind numbing videos? You want to get an audience, yet you serve the same menu.

How many love songs really touch on love as opposed to knocking boots? You can’t sex everyone and still be interesting enough to sign.

Finally, pro tools means pro…….tools. Not recording gear, EDITING GEAR. Fat synth bass and mechanical beats is filler not licks. Do your self a favor and keep true to you. I don’t care if you can only play three notes as long as it comes from a good place. Say it your way and the tune will work. Who cares about how many fans you have as long as the ones you get actually know the work? To thine own self be indie LOL