With all of the saturation that has produced more music sites and videos than in recent years, the industry has taken yet another major hit. Top grossing bands lost money on both the CD’s as well as touring receipts.What seems to be the problem?

Basically,folks didn’t have the money to meet the high prices. It’s a no brain answer but, you would be surprised at how sense is taken for granted in the music machine. The other day I watched commercials on cable trying to get the younger crowd to check out the videos. The production was childish. Lip syncing was awful, and the choreography was impish like children’s nursery shows. Is this what they think of the consumer?

The award shows, and so called talent shows are another problem. It drives the up and comers to think of success over substance. Goal driven projects that are simply a means to and end as opposed to simply being good.

When the top draws are senior citizens with aging fan bases there has to be someone on duty saying “we’ve got to stop the bleeding”. Hopefully 2011 will bring at least the appearance of progress. Start with the problem. It’s less taste more filling proposition has to go.

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