I would say without hesitation, that this year on a personal level has been one of the most intense since the seventies. Losing the vanguard members and mentors of my family devastated me beyond imagination. I still feel like there’s a giant hole in my soul. I have devoted the rest of my creative efforts to the spirits of these elders. I would gladly give up the balance of my days just to have one day with them. I guess this is part of some late maturation trigger for me but I can think of no other pain like this.

Having said this, on the professional side of the coin, It seems that progress is visiting once again. The lords of commercial tokens has decided to throw a few shiny things my way. I still feel the struggle of the creative purist vs. the commercial push to be dizzying. I pray that my efforts still have the impact of inspiration for someone somewhere.

Finally there’s gratitude. Always that. This simple soul at it’s best is still just a drop in the eternal sea. Tough reflection.