I’ve answered questions endlessly regarding the variety of instruments I play. I’m constantly trying to remind cats that instruments are merely tools of expression. A vehicle if u will.  However,  drums have always been my primary voice. The irony is that Bass guitar is a secondary instrument I play that has gotten more focus.

The pulse of the piece is inescapable. The beat will always drive u where u need to go. Being a person of color from the source Africa, how can this be disputed? Brazil is a country of ex slaves. The islands etc all connect through the rhythms.

I’ve always felt my best when I’m immersed in the process of drumming. Percussion is it’s natural cousin. Thus, I love it as well. So when u get a chance check out any type of musical format and it’s origins. There will be one constant. rhythm.

The pace of our speech. Our cadence when walking. Our breathing all must yield to the harmonious beat. Embrace it. When you do , drumming will also be who u r.