There has been decades of Thanksgiving holidays. As a youngster there were endless programs displaying pilgrims sharing food with Indians. These messages of fellowship and good faith.

I didn’t know why Turkeys had to be killed in order to make the day complete, yet I accepted that they represented this universal bond. We arrive at the natives. What in the hell do they have to be thankful for? A race of folks coming over on ships and spreading disease?. I mean these cats didn’t know how to feed themselves? yet they stuffed themselves then started taking over land by lethal force?

Natives live on less than lots. So called reservations are breeding grounds for poor health, unemployment and addiction . We don’t see them on maps. They make “Dances with wolves” give the film a couple of awards and the debt is settled? I’ll be thankful when the natives are. When they are no longer 4th class citizens. Stop the charade. Give these folks more than a token reference once a year. We are no greater than the weakest amongst us.