I’m on this Earth a half century now. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen miraclous changes and advances in human achievement. Now, having said that i must confess that the Internet marketing landscape makes a simple artist like myself very nauseous.

Back in the day, A&R folks handled the press, promotion, glad slapping ¬†abyss. Now as an “indie” cat, this responsibility comes to my own doorstep. Let me pause to wipe a tear. This crap is overwhelming. Everything from Facebook to whatever. Tweets, twits and turds. The music quality suffers because of the low bit rates, so one must be focused on volume as opposed to quality. Sour grapes? hell yeah. One must be set into being focused on the ever chattering presence of look at me.

Having said this, that doesn’t alleviate the obvious. It must be done. END OF PT.1

Keeping the pulse