As stated in the prior piece, the advent of the internet has sept up a bunch of commercially oriented and market seeking folk in one big glut. I believe the Mp3 format has made gourmet meals turn into pop tarts. When you’re speaking of this format it is noted that most sites require this format for their music players. The rub? folks can sample your work by track, if decided they only want two or three, your CD suffers a loss. Royalty’s be damned. So if an artist can drudge up a synth bass laden piece of looping beats, maybe just maybe you can make enough to suffer a reasonable loss.

Now we arrive at the social site jungle. Sponsored by anyone from Clorox bleach, to Viagra or local singles seeking sex near you. You know the sites where they make cosmetic changes every couple of months to give you the illusion of progress and personality. Facebook the network site tells you to seek out old friends. However they can determine if you have too much networking going on. Unless you’re a premium subscriber. The business model of these sites are ridiculous. However they’ve become a necessary evil for today’s marketing.

The Upside? well unless you’re paying premium prices for these clone services, absolutely none. You will be a charter member of the glut. The glut is a choking number of wanna be’s desperate to become”names” in the imaginary game. Monster money is put behind top artist through funding. There’s no way the average up and comer can compete on a realistic level. I don’t care how much junk you throw up. The sites that offer radio play for the needy are jokes. If you want bragging rights that you were hear in Lithuania then I guess it’s cool. If you think some producer is lurking and trolling these venues for the next big thing then the wizard of oz comes on this holiday. Talk it over with Dorothy and Toto.

Am i’m a pessimist ? nope only because of my experiences. I’m not your average cat looking for the daylight. I’m just simply trying to keep the work available. I will sum it up in part 3.