There should be no doubt at this point of the significance of the internet and your need as an artist to get your work noticed. ┬áKeep in mind that “noticed” can mean numerous things. Having your picture up along with a paragraph is something to shoot for if you are from some penal institution. In this frame that would be quite an achievement.

Having your precious Mp3 on a chart on some site along with thousands of other folks may be cool too. Gives you a little bragging material. I call this the Disneyland syndrome. Many characters, many stories, nice taste but less filling.

Linking. The endless street signs that lead through the turns and banks of cyber town. When you arrive to your destination you will be greeted by more links. Oh wow, isn’t it wonderful? Hell no.

Keeping it real, there will always be the haves and the have not’s. Cliche yes but true . Big money supports big money. Big brands prey on the desperation and desires of the young cat that’s waiting on his come ups. They dangle the carrot in front on the neophyte and get the endless premium fees that keep the dream going. What does one do?

Network. If a cat wanted to get with a fine lady, he is going to get with the group she’s with. He is going to align himself with anyone that can help him get into position to strike. If the cat is a junkie, then he get’s with the dealers and the thieves. He puts himself into position to ultimately get within range of the prize. Physically he hits the bricks. The key is to start low. The basics have to be covered. Get yourself prepared to be appreciated. Play something different. Shake up the formula. Your goods cannot be the same old same old. If a million folks are selling the same product, how are you going to shine? Common sense seems to be illusive.

Give your work that element which is not carbon copy. Most tracks are generic. A beat, a loop and garbage in between. Dare to actually put out something new. Be worth looking at. It’s not about nude photos. It’s not about claiming you are a killer. It’s about being you. ┬áTo be continued.