Damn, I moved to New England from New York City. Wrong on all levels. Firstly I hate the accent. As a New Yorker, we’ve written the book on the language. Forget about it. Second what’s up with all the ole English names of the towns? However I chose to be a country squire in my later years. Away from the hustle of the inner metropolis. As long as I can be exempt from clam chowder I’m good.

Finally, my point. Snow out the yimmy. We’ve has serious white stuff. On top of it all I live in a power outage grid. I mean four blackouts in twelve hours.This has to be a record. I pause to say that it’s no random thing in the lower social economic regions. The snow has to turn gray from exposure and saturated with ice before you even hear a snow plow. Time to hit that realty agent in the pocket. In fairness I see that there’s been other towns hit with the heavy snow. I believe that when emergency conditions occur that you are actually supposed to address it not standby and admire it. Can somebody drop me a list of home rentals in Hawaii ?