I labored for the last two evenings in session. I play drums this time out. Learning the pieces isn’t difficult. I guess it’s my fear of numbing repetition. How many ways can you serve potatoes?

I cannot be allowed to become an organic beat machine. I have to spice it up. The way I go about it depends on my imagination. What I do is play a complete different piece. I go into a different groove all together.

I wouldn’t suggest that a novice do this. I would demand that they do if they want to stay fresh. Keep it spicy. DH


I saw a commercial where a bunch of grunge types were rapping about credit. It turns out that these guys were winners of some type of national talent search. Yeah right.

Some marketing guy said “this will work”. They’re suburban types therefore less threatening to “mainstream” audiences. It wouldn’t surprise me that they felt that it wouldn’t reinforce stereo types regarding “urban” folks with bad credit.

Then the next commercial had some blonde doing a terrible Macy Gray impression belting out about liquor. The crowd is jump wailing away to her voice. What is this gray area?

What contest? it amazes me to no end how stupid the media feels towards consumers. You know they may be on point. I have droves of younger fans amazed that I actually play real instruments.

I guess it’s the fashion of gen x. Replicate, duplicate and agitate before patting yourself on the back because you have Facebook buddies. I find that a lot of cats have a passion to play. They also feel very ignored. Why pay for talent when you can produce instant garbage.

I recall a phone was actually built for voice communication . If you don’t have apps making calls is considered old school. Finally I figured it out. It’s not about art at all. It’s about the perception of it’s irrelevance compared to technology. Make eye candy and you will never have to make eye contact. If it’s shiny go for it.

It’s about how it looks, not it’s actual function. Some fools rapping about credit scores gives us warm and fuzzy feelings while we juggle debt. These cats by the way don’t even look like they can shave.

End of pt. 1