Wherever and whenever there’s new ideas,opposition is present. It can be subtle enough to eat at your vision very slowly. Or it can be as overt as a no loan at the bank.

This is trying time. Unless you have amassed some type of collective force regarding finances or distribution, you are stuck on the dunce stool. Grit is essential. Not to be confused with attitude as much as conviction. Endurance being the cornerstone. Keep at it. Focus on stamina. Keep plugging.

Everyone is not destined for fame. However everyone is entitled to growth and expression. If your motives are sincere, why should you be denied? If it’s about your vanity, well you know what that’s about. Grit is your mantra.


I’ve been a studio monk lately. My creative energy works own it’s own compass. I just show up and hope it kicks in. Perfectionist regarding sound, ponderous in regards to composition. Relentless in regards to not giving a damn.