I mean everyone I run into, work with, converse or travel with has the same problem. Quality sound via the internet baby called Mp3. It’s crap. Well not unless u r a basement studio commando with absolutely minimum music foundation.

The heavy Bass synth, 2 note, drum track type of person. Hell u can throw sounds against the wall and come out with a cd with two notes. I’m speaking to the cats that actually know how to play. They don’t carry studios in their back pack and toss out three minute samples and loops and call themselves artist. GIVE US A BREAK.

Mp3 compress sound to the extent that one who smashes up a bag of potato chips into crumbs and trying to play it off like its the same thing. We’re stuck in a tunnel of quality vs. flexibility . Mp3 is the universal pass to post on these user friendly, me me me sites. Wave files are the unloved cousins. With social sites changing the dynamic of it’s look every other moon cycle, mp3’s is the only steady medium to throw sounds up and post.

I’m headed up to ┬áMIT to see if their genius pool have anything on the cusp. If they don’t , I’m taking up golf.