I’ve been a person always. I mean always involved with art. From fine arts to martial arts. It’s bee a somewhat unconcious road yet I can’t deny it’s true. I even did a lot of dance. True

It’s not a testimony as much as just a premise to express that I feel if art was more appreciated, that culture would eliminate this distorted sense of life. We treat others like shit. We ignore poverty if we can relegate it to something abstract or happening in some far off land. To humans who really count less than us. I swear our indifference and self ¬†congratulatory views have made us distant cousins .

Art it will be argued is subjective. ¬†That’s cool because this implies effect. This media is supposed to disturb the soul. Agitate and stimulate. We’ve somehow lost this in the mania of commercialism. Well not to dispair. Balance will be regained if only for a moment. Let art be your being. If not as a vocation then as a healing force you share with your private moments. It’s essential.