It’s warm, sunny and I have work to do. Gratitude is in my attitude. As much as I complain about the doodoo called music and the stuffed shirts called producers, I’m going to just enjoy the moment. I think I can do it as long as I don’t bump into anyone, anywhere, anytime, I have issues with. LOL5542757121 78e9480a5a s

I’m a boomer. I didn’t realize this until AARP reached out. I immediately called them and cursed them out for sending me spam. I also started getting spam from dating sites for the 50 and over crowd. What topped it is that Wikipedia has my birthday listed on my page. So I’ve tried to take it in stride. I complain about the exact same things my parents did. I’m a grandfather of three. Damn. My music is still vibrant and the business treats me with respect. However I keep hearing remixes of songs we grew up on. This feels like a violation of sacred times. I’ve come to an age where phones are not for calls. They’re for linking, texting, movies, games and any other thing but what phones were indeed for. Somehow we’ve become so removed from each other that you may think this Earth is twice it’s size. Orwell wrote about “big brother”. Hell, now we give up our privacy willfully for the sake of…. I don’t quite know. The only thing I look forward to at this point is the rewind button. It would make those moments in life that I thought were dramatic a pleasure. At the least I could find out where we took a turn from organic to automatons. Somethings wrong here. Too many portals to oblivion. Where does it all lead. I’ll tell you. Twitter. Now I bet you want a rewind button too. In the syntax of modern times…smh.      DH