I believe that the up and coming cats have a good shot to make a presence in the industry. This due to theĀ  digital highway. The resources are there well sorta. When the up and comers see those slick web sights and videos , they get inspired. Then you do whatever you can to match it….. sorta.

Indie has been commercialized to the up most. Those pages you see are bought and paid for with heavy pockets. Those videos are produced with the best talent and software money can buy. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s for most working stiffs a never ending carrot on a stick paradigm. You will have to find investors and such just so you don’t miss your bills. Just dropping in a little reality. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from doing what they can. However the point is for one to really evaluate the landscape. Those grunge cats faking the blue collar artist role are just that, fakes. Stone washed jeans with holes on the knee are rolling with a 100.00$ price tag from niche stores. The cats in them have about as much indie in them as the desert has fish.

My suggestion, avoid Sony and the rest of the giant corps as blueprints for your success. Work on your craft but by all means watch out for the potholes.


The musi vibe is a little confusiong at times to me. With the advent of the spoken word medium on top of rap, ultimately you will have a lot of cats saying a lot of something. I recognize the music because it’s been snatched of someone’s private song or it’s a new two chord wonder. I’m thinking if more cats learned how to play they would have less to say. .5542756767 82019549b1 s