The elements that draws one to the artistry tens to be a varied as the stars. I mean those in the sky as opposed to Hollywood. It’s a vibe that keeps us rolling through the inane and superficial. The result should always be a trigger one way or another to evoke thought which in time inspires a deed. If we can step back for a moment from the vanity side we can appreciate the efforts on a deeper level. The art, music etc. belongs to the people. You don’t need language skills to join the conversation. If we put our ego aside it becomes a clearer. It’s never about awards. It’s not the glitter that permeates and seems relentless. It’s the replenishment of vital elements that even the poorest of the poor can appreciate. The advent of the digital highway may have bottleneck congestion and unclear destination markers. In spite of it all the trip is worth taking more time than not.  DHLion