About Daryl Hayott

Daryl Hayott
Daryl Hayott is a Brazilian artist/musician. He was born in São Paulo and raised in New York City.

As a teenager Hayott became a session drummer for Electric Lady Studios in New York City. He also did some bass work for the studio. Shortly thereafter, he was signed by Warner Brothers and toured with the international group Osibissa. He also played with other famous acts such as Black Ivory. Because he was so young and touring internationally on a professional level, famous African American recording artists mentored him to make sure this young man would be “okay” working and traveling in the professional adult music world. He has a great deal of respect and gratitude for his mentors and appreciates them taking the time to guide him and help him develop a deeper spiritual understanding of music.

Daryl Hayott was also a competing professional martial artist and has hundreds of trophies to mark his victorious bouts. Sensei Hayott, as he is known, studied Goju Ryu Karate under Grand Master Leon Wallace in Harlem, New York. He traveled and fought as a member of the Budweiser Kickboxing Team with friend and fellow martial artist Billy Blanks. Daryl Hayott was featured in Karate Illustrated magazines and won the U.S. national title of East Coast Champion three times.

At one point he tore the muscles in his hand and it was recommended that as a way to rehabilitatedaryl logo them for him to play bass guitar. Though he could already play at a basic level and in fact played bass for Electric Lady Studios when he was a youngster, this made him really learn how to play bass. As with all of the instruments he plays, he did so without any formal instruction and he excelled to the point that he was back out on tour with Warner Bros and playing with the likes of Sade, Chaka Khan, Teddy Riley and Al Jarreau, to name a few.

Hayott is a multi-instrumentalist and plays many other instruments in addition to drums, bass, all percussion instruments, keyboards and trumpet. You will find his work on quite a number of artists’ records and cds dating back to the late 60’s.

Daryl Hayott is very spiritual and was affectionately and appropriately named “Confucious Bass” by friends. He has his own band, Konfuciousklan Tribe. They released the album Tribal Passages on Hayott’s own label and have done film sound tracks.

kklanlogoDaryl Hayott’s accomplishments are quite astonishing considering that he spent almost two years homeless as a young teen on the streets of New York. In addition to breaking records in track at his high school, he excelled in martial arts to the point of having a professional and noted career, earned a degree in Psychology, did two tours in the U.S. Marines and has an established professional music career in the majors. He’s had minimal formal music education and training despite all of the instruments he plays. In fact, the first time he ever sat behind a full drumset and played it was when his best friend Tony (who was a friend of Jimi Hendrix) brought him to Electric Lady just to hang out. Engineers heard him playing and asked him if he would play for them as a session musician on the spot.

Hayott was also twice voted Brazilian Bass Player of the Year.

Daryl also enjoys many other forms of artistry in that he also draws, paints, sculpts and loves fencing in addition to doing music and martial arts. He is a motorcycle fan and enjoys speed racing. He currently heads his own record label, Keep the Light Records and tours with his band Konfuciousklan Tribe.