Don’t be stuck in the mode of trying to fit somebody’s paradigm. You may think you should aim to be like the next person but, you don’t. Clearly define what your goal is. Is it to be good? or famous? If it’s the fame then you need to see a shrink. Fame is an illusion. It’s the carrot dangling before the horse. It’s purely subjective. It’s not the end for everyone. However, you can control yourself and your qualities better than anyone else.

Have respect for your craft, be in love with the process. Keep in mind it’s the journey more than the destination that reflects you. If others feel you’re just average, nine times out of ten they live in their own mediocre realm. Try not to judge others based on some unrealistic scale. A scale created by the media or maybe relatives and friends. Do what you do. I believe the pressure comes when someone says “my child is gonna be a star”. Where have we heard that before?

I honestly believe the smallest of life still have a purpose. So if you have a like, love, passion or obsession, give it a go because it’s yours. DH

I’ve had a very intense winter  health wise. I believe I worked myself into exhaustion musically. Physically I had to endure extreme headaches with the problems of just trying to be still. I’ve never mastered this. Motion has always been my mantra. So let me just say here, thanks to my friends for checking on a brother. I’m due to get cleared to start working shortly. It’s time. I hope I still know how to play. DH