I’ve had a very intense winter  health wise. I believe I worked myself into exhaustion musically. Physically I had to endure extreme headaches with the problems of just trying to be still. I’ve never mastered this. Motion has always been my mantra. So let me just say here, thanks to my friends for checking on a brother. I’m due to get cleared to start working shortly. It’s time. I hope I still know how to play. DH

Who knows me better than me?

 I find the landscape of this instant music phenom becoming more ridiculous and time consuming. I’m from the old school. You get with the producer, sketch out the music theme and line up, session with the engineers and turn it over to be cooked and gone.

Presently I have to then get the music uploaded to the distributors, and blast the net saying that I’ve finished a piece. Immediately it becomes yet another mp3 blast on some cloud and I get hit with someone making the same announcement regarding their work. It wears me completely out.

The creativity is drained by sheer overload of social posting and blurbs. The inevitable balancing act ensues. Choose to actually make decent music, or spend hours just talking about it. wowWho knows me better than me?