Some folks find it a rocky landscape. Media is powerful. Unless one is in deep denial the reality is that it’s a me, me era. If you have principles or scruples get to the rear of the bus. If it ain’t about you then who? I’m thinking that maybe nature will soon start issuing alter ego.

The rise to the illusion of fame is compelling. Fame is a must. No longer a daydream to scores of young minds.
I’ve often joked that television has mastered the art of packaging shit. The smell is become an acquired taste.
Walking talking Barbie dolls. Uncoordinated puffs of smoke and mirrors. Brings us to a question. Is being famous
the same as being relevant? Somehow the mind wants to believe one is a result of the other. Could this be? Sarah Palin, enigma but how does this fit the discussion. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, any takers on relevance?

Defining relevance :Directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic; Not out of date; current. So this would make the question relative to say the least. Hell no it doesn’t. Poor as folks are due to low paying jobs , high bills, debt etc. do not give a damn about Grammy award winners. Someone has to have the balls to say relevance is something that serves us as a whole. It effects our quality of life. Theory says that actions and folks whom we revere should actually matter. W R O N G TIME W R ON G STATION.

I pray that eventually there will come a time when folks cease to admire folk whom are famous only because someone else said so. Who is it that decides what’s in or out? sure isn’t you. He who holds the purse strings
fiddle the tune. Those cats don’t even know you. They don’t live where you do. They truly don’t care about what bills you may have. Just what tooth paste you purchase. Feminine deodorant, Basketball shoes, Cell phone
apps, dating habits, 4 wheel drive. Get it? you are simply a C ON S U M E R . You buy whatever is available with funds and thoughts you don’t even own.

Some flat butt, fake breasted, bleached hair, airbrushed tattoo image sings an auto tuned mechanized tune and you say wow she must be good or else she wouldn’t be on the screen. Sucker.
Relevant is your moms. Your school teachers. Your coach, your books, your education. Your sense of your own worth. Stop throwing it away. Cease imitating substitutes and hype. Get a grip .

I think it’s important to say that music styles are usually not defined by the artist themselves. It has always been the promoters, radio station managers and uninformed audience that feed into these outlets privilege to name someone Else’s work. Thus, you have a glut of sounds being broad stoked with a label that will send them down the pipe with the rest of the noise.

This is a important fact. The reality is that most suits listen to a piece for a few seconds not minutes. They feel it’s the mundane cookie cutter product the delete button takes effect.  The thousands of new hopefuls that are not aware that they’re considered irrelevant .

The point is that garbage in is garbage out. Ironic that it’s usually garbage the public is sold. Garbage has been a gen X staple for decades. I guess they don’t want to appear that the current media is completely void of substance. Assembly line artist. Video mavens and plastic faces leave no traces, thank heavens.

What is one to do? The initial response should be to actually study your craft. Wisdom cannot be taken away. Experience is not subjective. It’s purely personal. Try not to predicate your work on it’s possible response. The modern audience is told what to like. The illusion of choice is mythic. Do the folks you’re trying to impress even understand music? Hell no. They predicate their trade on what sells. Music, widgets, poo poo doesn’t matter. They’re hucksters.

They make money by ripping off your dreams. There’s no price tag for success. The magic bean is smoking mirrors. Just pay the “fee” and you too can be a “premium user”. The honor to pay more than the next guy is ridiculous. Why would you set up folks like horses in a race? The answer is money talks louder than any Mp3.

Be yourself. Stop imitating junk. I get cats sending me demos of endless looping trash. Cut and paste jobs called remix’s don’t mean music. It’s a century old trend. Control at least what you create. Create with style and be different. Dare to be odd.   To be continued…..