I’m trying to shake off the sameness in the piece i’m working on. I can get the tune to pop for this project, however, I doesn’t strike that place where I haven’t been before.

I think an artist has to stay away from the commercial media long enough to get that inner ear back in tune. So much junk is coming in the head from the crap they call music that the pipes get filled with crud. Most of the music is formula. Its the same tasteless autotuned gunk that brims over your sense of balance. It’s like commercial jingles that numb you into submission.

Normally my answer is to get as far away from music and as close to nature as I physically can. It doesn’t have to be grand like some seaside resort. It can be a lake. All I think is needed is a natural rythym. Whatever the method, I’ve got to be at a place where the next note is something I had no idea I could play. It’s called art. Anything else is tracing.IMG 0008


If you are superior in attitude the gift of music will be short lived. Whatever the chosen discipline, there has to be an awareness that is really isn’t about you. Unless you can make the sun rise in the west instead of the east, you are just like anyone else. We’re here for a minute. Hopefully we give something back. Keep in mind that we serve the art, not the other way around. Keep it real. A little gratitude moves mountains. DHIMG 0002IMG 0002