The thing that hits me most is that we see so much poverty and inequality effecting the helpless,{children,elders} and we sing about it and call it a wrap. Amazing pr but it does nothing to resolve the issue at hand. Once we set the table, we must act. Use your energy and creativity to keep the light on the issues. Give something so much heat that folks must address something beyond the Grammy’s. I call it Harmonics in action. Vibrations force response. The law of physics and spiritual mathematics prove this. Use your skills and paint on a canvas,. Let’s do something beyond bowing and scraping and pointing to the other guy. It’s a fair trade off for our gifts.FlamingosFlamingos

If you are superior in attitude the gift of music will be short lived. Whatever the chosen discipline, there has to be an awareness that is really isn’t about you. Unless you can make the sun rise in the west instead of the east, you are just like anyone else. We’re here for a minute. Hopefully we give something back. Keep in mind that we serve the art, not the other way around. Keep it real. A little gratitude moves mountains. DHIMG 0002IMG 0002